Foaming Black Liquid Soap

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Every product is shrink wrapped and labeled,My products are inspected by my family after each batch to make sure you only get the best organic and natural products.


Ingredients= Water, Cocoa Pod ashes, Plantain skin ashes, Ethnically source palm oil.


Benefits = Cleanses skin, Good for sensitives skin types, Soothes Eczema, Reduces blemishes & dark spots ,Fights facial & body acne, Reduces oily skin, Helps minimizes fine lines and wrinkles,Unclogs blocked pores, Soothes razor bumps, Eliminates fungal infections.


Weight = Approx 378 g ( 12.8 oz ) . Please keep in mind that my soaps are hand pour so the actual weight may vary.


For external used only. 

If irritation occurs discontinue