Baby Yoda Bath Bomb

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All my bath bombs are made by me with lots of love. I create products with ingredients you can find in your kitchen i want you to have a raw, organic product to enjoy!!!. Everything is shrink wrapped and label.. In this hard times we wanna insure you that all our products packaging are disinfected before is shipped to you.

Comes with one Bath bomb. 

Ingredients= Baking soda, Citric acid, Cream of tartar, Sodium laureth sulfate, Olive oil, Apricot oil, Polysorbate 80, Succulent agave & oakmoss  , Skin safe colorant.

Weight=  Approx. 82 G ( 29 oz ), Please keep in mind that all my products are handcrafted so the actual weight may vary.

EXTERNAL USED ONLY!!  If irritation occurs discontinue 

May make the tub area slippery.

How to use= Carefully removed your bath bomb from packaging, Place it on your warm water and enjoy .