About Us

Hi my name is Daphnee and this is my husband Steven, I'm running a small business with the help of my amazing family of 7 😊.


-------------------- My company history --------------------


I started making soaps  about four years ago just for family and friends,  two years ago after gaining valuable  experience  i launched Daphnee scents on April 11, 2017. My biggest challenge was to overcome then fear whether or not my clients would love   my products the same way my family and friends do, for my surprise everyone loved them, and i want you to love then too. 


------------------------------ About myself --------------------


I got married in July 31, 2014 to the most amazing person in the world, we together have a wonderful blended family we have 5 kids all together

We have four boys and one little girl, This year we welcomed our baby boy Alexander to the family.   we also have three dogs and one cat, this kids are my whole entire life. On our family autism knock on our doors five years ago not once but twice, we have two smart, kind, wonderful boys they are the reason why i decide  to make this hobby a business, I am a 24/7 stay home mom to help with my boys while my beloved husband work. I'm so blessed to have then all.

------------------- Our fury babies --------------------

This is Aragon, Joseph, Mack and Puss and Boots they said hi 👋


-------------------- My goal --------------------


My goal is to create luxury handcrafted body products, that you can display in your home and proudly send to love ones but overall, i want you to have a tremendously high quality product at an affordable  price.

This is us !! Thank you so much for browsing our products and believing on my company as well supporting this  small family business, We wouldn't  be here without your support , once again thank you so much 💖💖